Monday, January 10, 2011

the loss of a pet...

When Ben and I got married we knew that we didn't want children any time soon, but we wanted a puppy. We were given a dachshund from Ben's uncle and she instantly stole both of our hearts.
Maggie was spoiled. We took her everywhere and she ran the house. When Abram was born things changed, she wasn't the baby anymore. She became the family pet. It was a huge adjustment for her. We still loved her but had to really watch her around Abram as he started to crawl and tottle. But they slowly became buddies.
Maggie has always had problems with her back and she was showing the signs of pain New Year's weekend. I took her to the Vet and they gave medicine. She always improved after medicine and time. About 3 days later, Ben woke up early for work and she was dragging the back half of her body, she was paralyzed. We were a mess. We called the Vet and he said that it could be temporary to keep her strictly confined and double up on her meds. Well, she quickly became worse and he decided to put her down. What a hard thing that was for both of us...I never realized how hard that could be. We miss her so much and Abram asks about her often.

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