Sunday, December 5, 2010

christmas shopping...

We have been hot and heavy into Christmas shopping and finding the best deals to put under the tree for Abram this year. We are having so much fun, but trying to keep spending down... Ben found a table top train set at for $35.00. If you know anything about train tables you know they are so over priced.

This is the one we got, it's plastic but durable and it doubles as a table top too! It retails for around $80, we did site to store at Wal-Mart and payed $35. Props to Benny!
I found a water table. I know what you are thinking a water table for Christmas? But he will love it this summer and since it was off season we got it for a awesome price. $15 bucks! I've seen it as high as $65, but usually $40. This was also find and $0 for shipping with site to store :)

Of course we have to get him what he really wants...Buzz Lightyear! This will be his big gift and there is really no way to save on this one. We have been looking for months becasue there are so many different models. You know one has the karate chop action, but no talking. One speaks Spanish and dances, like in Toy Story 3. You can spend as cheap as $25 to as expensive as nearly $200! We went for the middle grade, it cost us around $67. But it will be worth it!

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