Sunday, November 28, 2010


Abram was a shark this year. The first time we showed him his costume he was scared to death. But he was ok once he saw that was his cute little face inside. He was a turtle last year and had no idea what was going on. This year was a different story. Some of our best friends ever come to our nighborhood and the kids trick or treat together. One house of Abram getting candy in his bucket, and he was ready to hit every house on the block. Sorry to say that we were so busy enjoying the kids that we didn't get many pictures.
I have to admit that I looked long and hard for the perfect costume and for the perfect price...of course there wasn't a perfect price. So, I watched Old Navy's sales and the costumes went on sale for 30% off and then I had a coupon and they let me use it on top of the sale price. I got the shark outfit for around $12.50. Last year I scored the turtle costume at a yard sale for $2.00! Here is my little shark boy and my handsome hubby :)

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