Sunday, September 26, 2010

abram's new ride...

Abram got a new ride. He was given a John Deere tractor that he loved, but it bit the dust.

So, we are suckers and went and got him an upgrade. He has so much fun in it and is fearless behind the wheel! He actually can drive the truck better, I guess because he had to straddle the tractor?

This is really the only pic we have because when he is driving, you can't get him to slow down for the picture. Ben put our dog, Maggie, in the bed of the truck yesterday, and he just laughed and laughed. He thought it was so funny that he was driving Maggie around. I can assure you...Maggie was not laughing. Abram can't say Maggie real good yet, he calls her Daggie. They are slowly becoming buds.


  1. no excuse not to blog now. so how's it going?

  2. I am finally back! I have been horrible. I had to back date so much just to keep stuff in order!